cheryl b. - Tranquil Waters Music

 From the beginning of time, music has been at the 

top of creation and its purpose-

Listen to the healing sounds from the mountain stream as it gently caresses the rocks...

Feel the awesomeness and strength from the ocean waves

as they pound upon the distant shores...

Hear the wind as it blows through the trees on an early spring morning...

The song of a whale as it sends out tapestries of sound in the depths of the seas...

The echoing sound of a loon sending out an affirmation of a day

that is drawing to an end and signaling the start of another yet to dawn.

cheryl b.

"A soothing original piano style that lifts the spirit with a distinctive

mix of evocative music and sounds of nature."  (M. Quinn)

My Piano - March 9, 2015 Release

My piano 2015 front cover

Evening Tide - September 1, 2014 Release

New CD Release - September 1, 2014

New CD Release - September 1, 2014

Water Lilies - 2014 New Release

Waterlilies cd front cover 4